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Are you looking for a team event!

We understand the turmoil's and complexity in today's work place and the need for change and to improve teamwork, communication, motivation, and get individuals to take responsibility, make decisions, have trust, goal setting and customer focus.

All our training programs are designed around the needs of each company.

From good quality accommodation with conference facilities, to providing activities pitched at the right level to allow all staff to participate and bring value to the group.


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You can join us for half day, full day or stay for several days and combine the activities with a team meeting or conference making the most of your time with us!

Through a combination of practical and adventurous activities such as climbing walls, high level ropes course, raft building, orienteering along with an incredible amount of problem solving, as a vehicle to deliver teamwork, and improve communication. We know that our team have the knowledge and experience to meet your objectives.


We would be happy to discuss your requirements and design a programme which will meet your requirements! Our Black Mountain Challenge is very popular with all our corporate groups and can be combined with another activity of your choose.


The Black Mountain Challenge

Our Challenge day can be run either as a fun day where you compete against the clock and each other, or as a team event where a debrief is carried out at the end of each task

This event requires physical and mental co-operation among groups of individuals in order to solve a task. Among the primary values of initiative activities are group cohesion, trust, communication and problem solving skills, that result from attempting a solution.
Following each attempt, the group is given an opportunity to discuss, process and analyses their experience.

Designed in our own grounds, we have developed a range of tasks, that teams have to work their way through. Our challenge course can take the form of team building (with debriefs at the end of each task) or groups can pit head to head in competition, testing both brain and brawn!

A typical day begins with delegates being divided into small teams. After a safety brief and an explanation of the rules by the course marshals, the first challenge of the day begins. The teams have three hours to complete as many of the tasks as possible!

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All Abord at Black Mountain

  Activities which work well with the Black Mountain Challlege are Raft Building, Land Carting, Canoeing, Orienteering, High level Ropes, Archery, Abseil Tower
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We have a range of good quality accommodation in our area from bunkhouse stile to 5 * hotels! Including our own 4* guest accommodation The Black Mountain lodge. Which has 14 rooms, conference room, bar and first class restaurant offering good quality local produce?
The lodge is only 2 miles from the activity centre and is set in its own grounds which allows us the flexibility to run a conference and then some small team task in between!

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